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What are the destinations available for tours?

The destinations are for Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito, Mexicali, San Felipe.

Do you have private custom tours?

Yes, we handle tours tailored to the client’s needs.

Do you have shared tours?

We handle the option of shared tours on specific tours.

Do you offer private transportation to and from airports or hotels?

We offer transportation services to any point in the area, such as hotels, airports and border crossings.

What is the total cost of the tour and what does it include?
The cost of the tours varies because we take into account the destination, number of people, or if you want an all-inclusive service.

Package includes:

  • Private transportation, unit at your disposal in different destinations
  • Transfer Home – Itinerary – Home.
  • Driver.
  • Travel assistance insurance.
  • Booths and Gasoline
How is the reservation made and what is the cancellation policy?

To reserve, a 50% advance payment is required at the signing of the contract and the remaining 50% no later than one day before the date of your transfer service.

The cancellation policies are Cancellations before 4 (four) business days or more from the start of the service, an administrative charge of 50% of the price of the contracted package applies.

Cancellations before 3 (three) business days of the start of service, a 100% charge applies.

What type of units do you manage?
We handle spacious units, recent models, with safety, comfort, with the capacity for numbers of people of 4,11,12,20..
Do you provide tour guides during the tour?

We do not handle guides

Are there custom options or custom packages?
Sibaria Tours, performs services as the client requests, all logistics from hotels and places, events for weddings, bachelorette parties or itineraries as requested by the client.
How is security handled during travel?

For us, the safety of our client is very important, for this reason our tours are always on federal highways, we always have the first aid team.

What activities are included in the itinerary?

The activities that the client requests or that the tour includes.

Do we offer any discounts or special promotions?

We have prices at which we target all types of clients depending on their budget. Discounts are made for our frequent customers. At some times of the year we also offer discounts.

What capacity do the units have?

We have units of 4,10,12,20.

Where do the tours depart from?

The client requests the starting point and the point can be a private home or a square. It is important that all people are at a single departure and arrival point.

If I cannot travel, can I cancel, change or transfer my tour to another person?

In the event that you cannot travel, it is important for the client to notify in advance, as it includes a cancellation cost. Likewise, to change the date we have to check if we have availability for the day of the change. The change to another person must have the entire service paid and under the authorization of the client.

What should I bring to the tour?

We suggest that the client bring sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable shoes.

What are the payment options?
We handle payment methods in cash, transfer, deposit.
What do I need to do to book a tour?

Send name, number of people, destination, telephone, email, itinerary, departure and arrival address.

Do you still have doubts?

Send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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