URBAN type units

All our units are recent models and in unbeatable maintenance conditions. We have all the insurance and permits established in current regulations to guarantee the safety of our passengers.

Our units have stereo sound, air conditioning, comfortable seats and panoramic windows that allow you to fully enjoy the travel experience. Whether you require a VIP experience with a private driver, traveling in the company of other passengers, or as part of a family or business group, our transfer services will guarantee punctuality, excellence and quality.


Traslado directo

From point A to point B.

Traslado Por Día

Itinerario a tu gusto. Hasta 10 hrs.

Información General

Units for 12 persons
The capacity does not include luggage.

Transportation service from 5 – 10 hours.
We drive overtime.

2 tipos de traslado:
– Traslado Directo
– Traslado de Por Día


Driver-guide, gasoline, booths, traveler insurance and all federal permits.